Once had a crown of the beauty queen, now become an officer in the army
Once had a crown of the beauty queen, now become an officer in the army

After winning the Beauty Contest, girls often turn to the world of cinema or modeling, and their careers are created in these areas. But after a girl named Garima won a beauty contest, she decided to serve her country instead of the world of glare, and she joined our Indian army. Gurnima Yadav, who lives in Surheli village of Haryana's Rewari, worked hard to join the Indian Army and due to this hard work, today she has become a lieutenant today.

Context won by defeating 20 States girl

Garima Yadav had participated in a beauty contest in the year 2017 before joining the army and this beauty contest was won by dignity very easily. This beauty contest, 'India's Miss Charming Face', was attended by girls from 20 states. But Garima Yadav's performance was the best in this competition and she came first in this contest. After winning these contests, dignity also got an opportunity to participate in an International level beauty contest. But Garima Yadav decided to go to the army and did not go to Italy for the International Contest.

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Was not easy to join the army

To join the Army, Garima had first given the Combined Defense Services (CDS) exam and passed the exam in advance. After passing this examination, he had trained for one year in the Officers Training Institute (OTA) and after taking strict training, today he has become a lieutenant in the army. After becoming a lieutenant, the dignity told people how they prepared themselves to be part of the Indian Army. According to dignity, he paid great attention to his weaknesses and removed his weaknesses. At the same time dignified people also misused this assumption of the people in which people feel that those who are good at sports jumps and who are perfectly fit, can become part of the Armed Forces Force (SSB). According to dignity, if you work hard, then you see its better results every day. From Chennai's Officers Training Institute Garima Yadav, who took the training, described her journey of training as a wonderful experience. According to dignity, he was not physically fit but he did not quit. Faced every tough training and participated in every course activities during the training.

The way the dignity has worked hard to become part of our country's army and the service of our country before the beauty contest is a precedent for other women. Many more girls got inspiration from this step of Garima Yadav.

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