Alert! Dengue spreading in Delhi after UP
Alert! Dengue spreading in Delhi after UP

New Delhi: Viral fever and dengue have spread their braces in many districts of UP. Now, amidst all this, dengue has started spreading in the national capital, Delhi also. Now there is a sharp rise in dengue cases. In fact, 124 dengue cases have been reported in Delhi this year. Compared to last year, only 96 dengue cases were reported in Delhi. Similarly, 57 cases of malaria and 37 cases of chikungunya were registered. Let us also inform you that the Municipal Corporation of Delhi data is showing that about 55 percent of these cases are dengue cases, in which the patient has not been traced by the Corporation so far.

On the other side, Chhail Bihari Goswami of North Delhi Municipal Corporation says that along with distributing awareness pamphlets among the people, fines will also be speeded up. Similarly, if we look at the trend for many years, dengue cases increase after the rainy season in Delhi. A well-known agency says that 55 dengue cases were reported from January to early August this year. This was followed by an increase in dengue cases in the next month.

Not a single dengue case was reportedly reported in January, two cases were reported in February, five on March, 10 on April, 12 on May, 7 in June, and 16 in July. Now, coming to the previous years, there were 171 dengue cases in 2016. That's when 251 cases were found the following year. Subsequently, in 2018, the cases came down to 64, while in 2019, only 47 dengue cases were reported.

How Dengue Spreads: Under the information received, dengue is caused by the bite of the female Aedes aegypti mosquito and these mosquitoes bite the most during or after the rainy season.

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