Pakistan Army Chief General Qamar Bajwa slams Imran Khan over appointment of ISI chief

Islamabad: Pak PM Imran Khan had opened several fronts simultaneously with the return of Taliban rule, a terror group in Afghanistan. On the one hand, he was spewing poison on India, especially Jammu and Kashmir, as well as running his dictatorship on the internal front of Pakistan. In this order, he had launched a front against Army Chief General Qamar Bajwa over ISI Chief Faiz Hamid. It is another matter that Imran Khan had to kneel down when General Bajwa took a tough stand. Imran Khan, who insisted on retaining Faiz, has finally agreed to appoint Lt Gen Nadeem Anjum, General Bajwa's choice, to the post of ISI chief.

Imran was reportedly not in favour of making Nadeem the ISI chief on the advice of his peer wife Bushra Begum. According to Pakistani media, Imran Khan's 'pir' wife Bushra Begum had told him that Lt Gen Nadeem was not right for him. That's why Imran was surviving. Sources familiar with the Pakistani army and political corridors say imran khan has now agreed to sign a notification regarding the appointment of Lt. Gen Anjum after General Bajwa's scolding. One of the reasons for this is that Imran Khan will sign an order on Faiz Hamid's transfer by November 15, saving his face in view of the growing influence of the Pakistan Taliban and the atmosphere against the country. The Pak Army Chief has directed Lt Gen Nadeem to take over as ISI Chief.

Not only that, the Army Chief has now made the tradition that an officer must be a corps commander of the Army for a year to become the Army Chief. Earlier, Army Chief Bajwa had lashed out at Imran during his meeting. Not only that, but he had also given a very strong explanation that Imran Khan should not interfere in the internal affairs of the Army at all.

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