UNSC rejects Pakistan attempt to name Indians on terror list
UNSC rejects Pakistan attempt to name Indians on terror list

Washington: India referred to Pakistan's failed attempt to list four Indian nationals under the '1267 Al Qaeda Sanctions Committee, saying countries should not misuse the UN Security Council (UNSC) to "list innocent civilians as terrorists without any evidence" with the intention of "revenge".

Let us tell you that Pakistan had sought to declare the Security Council's ' 1267 al Qaeda Ban Committee ' as a terrorist by sending the names of Indian nationals, Ember Appaji, Gobind Patnaik, Ajay Mistry and Venumadhav Dongra. Pakistan's attempt to declare Appaji and Patnaik as terrorists in the Council was dismissed by the US, UK, France, Germany and Belgium last month. According to sources, Pakistan had not sent any evidence in support of its demand to add the names of these two people to the authorities .

Earlier, Pakistan's attempt to include Ajay Mistry and Venumadhav Dongra in June/July had also failed in the Council. "We believe that UNSC remains an effective platform to maintain international peace and security and combat terrorism," said Yela Umashankar, first secretary and legal adviser in India's Permanent Mission to the United Nations, at the 6th Committee of the UN House on "Steps to The End of International Terrorism". ''

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