Rooster released from police custody after several months

Jul 31 2020 05:16 PM
Rooster released from police custody after several months

A very unique case has emerged from Pakistan. A few months ago, some of the chickens were detained by the Pak police, now one of them has been released. According to a media report, 5 chickens became guests of police in two police stations of Sindh state of Pakistan. These roosters were caught with people at the time of raiding the game of cockfighting. For this, imprisonment up to one year or a fine of five hundred rupees can be imposed.

A few months ago the hens were detained along with about 2 dozen people. All the defendants then got released on bail. But the chickens were in police custody as a property. No one claimed ownership of these roosts. Until the court does not give any verdict on them, they were kept in the Khairiyat police station.

On this case, the local resident of Ghotki, Zafar Meerani, appealed to the civil court that the roosters should be handed over to him. After which the court has directed the police to release the chicken and hand it over to its owner. The appellant argued that he was in Karachi for some work, so he was not claiming the chicken. After this, the police kept the hens in an open place instead of lockup. But one leg of the rooster was tied with a rope.

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