Video: Palestinian Muslims Celebrate Iran's Attack on Israel; Thousands Gather in Solidarity
Video: Palestinian Muslims Celebrate Iran's Attack on Israel; Thousands Gather in Solidarity

Gaza: Palestinian Muslims gathered outside the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, Israel, to celebrate Iran's recent attack on Israel. Meanwhile, thousands of Iranians also rallied in support of the attack on Israel.

A video posted by Islamic thinker Imtiaz Mahmood on social media showed thousands of Palestinians outside the Al Aqsa Mosque, chanting slogans of 'Labbaik...Labbaik, Ya Rasool', in support of Iran following the attack on Israel.


In Tehran, Iran, thousands of citizens gathered in Palestine Square to show solidarity with the attack. They raised slogans of ‘death to Israel’ and ‘death to America’, underlining their support for Iran's retaliation.

Banners at the intersection proclaimed, 'The next response will be more severe,' and urged Israeli Jews to 'find refuge'. Iranian and Palestinian flags were waved as protesters voiced their determination, with banners declaring 'Allah's victory is near'. The attack was described as a revenge by the demonstrators.

The attack on Israel by Iran's Revolutionary Guards, codenamed 'Operation Honest Promise', involved firing around 300 drones and missiles. However, Israel claims to have intercepted and destroyed 99 percent of the projectiles, citing the success of its multilayered defense system.

The recent tensions escalated after Israel destroyed the five-storey consular annex of the Iranian Embassy in Damascus, Syria, on April 1, 2024. The attack resulted in the death of seven soldiers of the Revolutionary Guard, including two generals, including Mohammad Raza Zahedi, a senior commander of the Quds Force. Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei subsequently vowed to retaliate.

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