Snake hiding in shoes bites SP Awasthi
Snake hiding in shoes bites SP Awasthi

A serious incident has happened on Tuesday afternoon. In which Panna's SP Mayank Awasthi was bitten by a snake. The incident happened when the SP was going to office from residence, and he picked up shoes to wear. The snake was sitting inside the shoe. After this, he was referred to Jabalpur, his condition is normal. But doctors have told him to stay in the hospital for 48 hours. It is expected that his condition will return to normal soon.

It is believed that the snake was hiding inside his shoes. As soon as he put his hand in the shoe to take out socks, he felt that there was something inside. After that, when he saw inside the shoe, a small snake was hiding. As soon as he put his hand, the SP's hand was touched by a snake within the shoe. After seeing the snake, it had bitten him. He immediately informed his staff about it.

SP Awasthi immediately informed the civil surgeon of the district hospital. After that Dr. VS Upadhyay, Civil Surgeon of Panna District Hospital arrived at his residence. SP's investigation was started. The initial investigation found no signs of snake bite. The team of doctors is supervising the health of the SP for an hour. After which he was referred to Jabalpur for the test.

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