Petrol-Diesel prices soaring, know today's price
Petrol-Diesel prices soaring, know today's price

Inflation continues to hit oil prices. The prices of petrol and diesel are constantly increasing. Indian oil companies have also raised oil prices today (Sunday). According to the latest update of IOCL, petrol in Delhi has become costlier by 50 paise per litre while diesel by 55 paise per litre. In the national capital, the price of petrol has now increased from Rs 98.61 to Rs 99.11 per litre and that of diesel from Rs 89.87 to Rs 90.42 per litre.

According to the latest update by Indian petroleum marketing company Indian Oil Corporation (IOCL), the price of petrol in the country's financial capital Mumbai has been increased by 53 paise per litre while diesel price has been increased by 58 paise per litre today (Sunday) i.e. on March 27, 2022. The price of petrol in Mumbai has gone up from Rs 113.35 per litre to Rs 113.88 per litre. While the price of diesel has increased from Rs 97.55 per litre to Rs 98.13 per litre.

Now sit at home and check the price of petrol and diesel:-
You can check the price of petrol-diesel of your city by sending only one SMS from your mobile phone sitting at home. For this, you only have to send an SMS from your mobile number to the 9224992249 number, after which the latest price of that day will come to you as a message. To do this message, you will have to write the code of the RSP petrol pump dealer and send it to 92249 92249. If you are in Delhi and want to know the price of petrol diesel through a message, then you have to write 102072 RSP and send it to the 9224992249.

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