Phoolan Devi turned dacoit after gang-rape, know her whole journey
Phoolan Devi turned dacoit after gang-rape, know her whole journey

India is a country where many powerful women were born and carried their names abroad. One such name is that of Bandit Queen Phoolan Devi. Phoolan Devi is a woman who saw all the ups and downs in her life, became a victim of gang rape and then became a dacoit. Phoolan Devi was born on August 10, 1963, in Purwa village near Jalaun in UP. Her story also begins in this village. Where she lived with her parents and sisters. In this village near Kanpur, Phoolan's family was looked upon by the upper caste people with a keen eye. They were treated like slaves. All the land belonging to Phoolan's father was forcibly taken away by his brother after a quarrel. Whatever Phoolan's father earned, it goes into the lawyers' fees due to the land dispute.

Phoolan Devi grew up in a similar stifling environment. The fire of revenge began to burn inside her. In smouldering this burning sensation of the fire, her mother also acted as ghee in the fire. When Phoolan turned 11, her cousin Mayadin got her married to an old man named Putti Lal to drive her out of the village. Phoolan's husband raped her immediately after marriage and started torturing her. Worried, Phoolan left her husband's house and went back to her parents and started living with her parents. It was in the village that Phoolan started working as a labourer with her family. It was from here that people got to see scenes of Phoolan's rebellious nature. Once when a man refused to pay Phoolan the wages of the earnings she had paid for the construction of the house, she turned the man's house into a heap of garbage at night.

Phoolan was 15 years old when some dabangs gang-raped her in front of her parents at home and had an unnatural relationship. Even after this, Phoolan's attitude did not weaken. After that, the dabangs of the village called a bandit gang and kidnapped Phoolan. It was only after this that Phoolan Devi took the great vow of taking revenge. It was only from here that Phoolan's story of becoming a dacoit started and she shot 20 Thakurs in line in Behmai village on February 14, 1981. This case had brought Phoolan Devi's name onto the tongue of the child. Phoolan Devi said that she committed these murders to avenge the rape. It was said that Phoolan Devi's target was very infallible and even more severe was her heart. Many films were also made about her life, but the fear of the police was always there for her. She had hostility toward the Thakurs in particular, so she always felt the danger in her life. Perhaps she was tired of avoiding the police and Thakurs in the ravines of Chambal, so she made up her mind to lay down her arms.  

After being released from jail in 1994, she was elected an MP in 1996. When the Samajwadi Party gave her a ticket to contest the Lok Sabha elections, there were a lot of hues and cries that a dacoit was being shown the way to Parliament. She was elected to the Lok Sabha twice. The world of crime was brought to parliament by bringing Phoolan, who came into politics. Writer Roy Moxham began correspondence with Phoolan Devi in 1992 to read about her prison sentence. When Phoolan Devi did not respond to her letter, Roy Moxham came to India and had the opportunity to get to know Phoolan Devi closely. In 2001, at the age of just 38, Phoolan Devi was murdered in front of her house in Delhi. Sher Singh Rana, who described himself as a warrior who fought for Rajput pride, had claimed after Phoolan's murder that he had avenged the killing of the Thakurs who were killed in 1981. Sher Singh Rana is accused of murdering dacoit and of MP Phoolan Devi. Sher Singh Rana was lodged in Delhi's Tihar Jail in 2001 on the charge of killing Phoolan Devi from where he escaped in 2004. Phoolan Devi, who arrived in Parliament from the ravines of Chambal, has published a book titled Outlaw in the UK which talks about many aspects of her life.

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