'PM Modi is boss, Rahul Gandhi can't digest this, that's why he is insulting him abroad': Anurag Thakur

New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has gone to America for 6 days. There he discussed with the Indians on Wednesday morning. Due to this, he attacked the Modi government fiercely. Not only this, he also said that Modi can also tell God what to do. The BJP has now retaliated on this. Anurag Thakur said that India is insulted in every visit of Rahul Gandhi. This time the sponsored foreign trip is also in the same direction, where they want to insult Prime Minister Modi, but in the end, they do not shy away from insulting the country.  

He further said that if you see the previous speeches, then he does not consider India as a nation, he calls it a union of states. At the same time, he also questions India's growing steps. Thakur also questioned Rahul Gandhi, asking what was the purpose of his visit. What does he want to get from traveling abroad? Is it only a job to throw mud abroad? "You can see the difference whenever Rahul gandhi has travelled abroad, he has raised questions on India and its people. If I say that Rahul is constantly working to bring down the progress and credibility of India which is growing."  

On the other hand, look at Prime Minister Modi's visit. The Prime Minister recently met about 24 PMs and presidents of the world and held more than 50 meetings due to his recent foreign visit. Many foreign ministers describe him as a popular leader. Due to this, the Australian Prime Minister had said that Prime Minister Modi is the boss. He said that maybe Rahul would not have digested the same thing, so he is insulting him abroad. He further said that Rahul said on his foreign trip that atrocities on Dalits took place in the 80s, then there was a Congress government. Anurag Thakur said that perhaps this is what Rahul was trying to tell that only Dalits were being tortured in his government, whereas today everyone's development, everyone's trust and everyone's efforts are moving forward with this basic mantra.  

'Like Muslims, Sikhs-Christians and Dalits are also feeling attacked', said Rahul Gandhi abroad

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