PM Modi urges the nation to vote, after 15-hour meditation at the holy cave
PM Modi urges the nation to vote, after 15-hour meditation at the holy cave

Kedarnath: Today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that Prakriti, paryavaran, paryatan (Nature, environment, tourism) comprise the government's development mission for Kedarnath temple in Uttarakhand. After spending almost 15 hours in a holy cave at the temple, PM Modi addressed the reporters here, and said that the government has been working towards the development of Kedarnath and he keeps himself updated on the project via video conferencing. 

On Saturday, PM Narendra Modi arrived at Kedarnath and offered prayers at the shrine. He was then photographed meditating in an holy cave wearing a saffron robe. On Sunday morning, he was seen enjoying a walk in the mountains, wearing the state's traditional robes and waving to the locals who gathered to get a glimpse of the PM. 

"Mera saubhagya raha hai ki adhyatmik chetna ki bhoomi pe jaane ka mujhe kai varshon se awsar milta raha hai. Yahan ka mera jo development mission hai usmein prakriti, paryavaran aur paryatan hain (It has been my privilege and honour to have the opportunity to visit these shrines, these seats of spiritual enlightenment repeatedly, The government's development mission for Kedarnath comprises of nature, environment, tourism," PM Modi told reporters. 

When questioned about what did he pray for and what he asked from Lord Shiva, PM Modi said that he never asks for anything when he prays. "No, I don't even pray for election victory, I pray that all my countrymen are blessed by the lord," PM Modi added.

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