PM Modi's gift to destitute children, they will get so many thousand rupees every month

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today (Narendra Modi) released the facilities to be provided under the PM Cares for Children's Scheme through video conferencing via video conferencing. Yes, and during this time, he said, "Today I am not talking to you as prime minister, but as a member of your family. Today I am very comfortable to be among all you children. Life brings us to an unexpected turn many times. Situations that we have not even imagined, laughing and laughing suddenly become dark. Corona has done something similar in the lives of many people, with many families. I know, because of Corona, those who have lost their loved ones, how difficult this change in their lives is. '

During this time, PM Modi further said, "We have only a few memories of what goes away, but what is left, there are challenges in front of him. In such challenges, PM Cares for Children is a small effort to reduce the hardships of all such corona affected children. PM Cares for Children is also a reflection of the fact that every countryman is with you with all sensitivity. I am satisfied that for the good education of the children, they have been admitted in government or private schools near their homes. He further said, "If someone wants an education loan for professional course, for higher education, then PM CARES will help in that too." An arrangement of Rs 4,000 per month has also been made for them through other schemes for other everyday needs. When such children complete their schooling, they will need more money for future dreams. For this, the youth of 18-23 years will get stipend every month and when you are 23 years old you will get 10 lakh rupees together. ’

At the same time, he also said, "Another big concern remains related to health. If there is ever a disease, then money is needed for the treatment, but no child needs to be bothered about it. Through PM Cares for Children, you are also being given ayushman health card, it will also provide free treatment facility of up to 5 lakh to all of you children. ’

In the end, he said, "I know that no effort and cooperation can compensate for the affection of your parents, but in the absence of your father and mother, mother Bharti is with all of you children in this hour of crisis. Through PM Cares, the country is trying to fulfill this responsibility. This effort is not just an effort of any one person, institution or government. Crores of our countrymen have added their hard work and sweat earnings to PM Cares. ’

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