Police shot bullets on person for violating lockdown in Philippines
Police shot bullets on person for violating lockdown in Philippines

Manila: In view of the increasing fear of Corona on one side and its attack, strict worldwide lockdown order has been issued, while till now it has been revealed that if anyone violates this rule then strict action against it and will be sentenced to the harshest. But still in many places this rule is not being followed completely. Due to which the police personnel there have chosen a different route.

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According to the information received by the police, a person who violated the lockdown in the Philippines was shot. The age of this person is being told 63 years. This is the first time a lockdown violator has been fired in the Philippines. According to local reports, this person had drunk alcohol and was walking around with a scuffle in his hand. He did not put on a mask to avoid the coronavirus. Aljazeera and some other local media institutions have published this news.

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According to the police report, because of not applying the mask, a village health officer warned the person, then he got angry, he started abusing the health officer. Then he also attacked the officer with scare, after which the police shot him. The person died after being shot. He is being identified.

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