President Trump inks renewal of NSA's surveillance program
President Trump inks renewal of NSA's surveillance program


 Washington DC [United States] January 20 (NT): United States President Donald Trump has inked a bill into a law renewing the National Security Agency's (NSA) warrantless internet surveillance agenda for another six years; Trump informed this on his twitter handle as saying

"Just signed 702 Bill to reauthorize foreign intelligence collection," Trump wrote, in a Twitter post, "This is NOT the same FISA law that was so wrongly abused during the election. I will always do the right thing for our country and put the safety of the American people first!"

Several media reports stated that the legislation imposes only modest pinches to the sweeping warrantless agenda that cut off the digital traffic of foreign targets but also incidentally hang around the personal information on an unknown number of Americans.

The intelligence community says a program is a significant tool in recognizing and upsetting terror plots.

Some Republicans have claimed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) inappropriately obtained a politically motivated Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant to spy on Trump during the transition, the Hill reported.

The governing body approved the bill on Thursday, one week after it sailed through the House of Representatives.

On a related note, Section 702 of the FISA, "allows the government to obtain the communications of foreigners outside the US, including foreign terrorist threats."(NT)



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