Preventing animal cruelty, enforcing Prohibition of Cow Slaughter Act
Preventing animal cruelty, enforcing Prohibition of Cow Slaughter Act

BANGALORE: The government OF Karnataka is mulling an idea of training police sub-inspector level officers so as to prevent animal cruelty and to enforce the Prohibition of Cow Slaughter Act.

The government is considering training police sub-inspector level officials to avoid animal cruelty and to execute the Prohibition of Cow Slaughter Act, said animal husbandry minister Prabhu B. Chavan. At Pasupalana Bhavan in Hebbal, Bangalore, he held a meeting with the Karnataka Animal Welfare Board on Monday.

The Prohibition of Cow Slaughter Act is currently being applied to register cases throughout the state. Minister Prabhu Chavan, however, raised his displeasure over the fact that illegal cattle traffickers and proprietors of illegal slaughterhouses are evading punishment as a result of non-compliance with the Cattle Slaughter Prevention and Protection Act 2020 while reporting cases.

Prabhu Chavan said, "police sub-inspector level officials in each district can be trained to enforce the Cattle Slaughter Prevention and Protection Act 2020 while filing a FIR, thereby successfully implementing the Prohibition of Cow Slaughter Act."

When the minister was informed by the members that some of the names listed on the charge sheet were missing, he responded that "the police officers need to be convinced about the application of this act." Beef that has been transported, stored, and slaughtered illegally in the state is not being stopped.

In response to feedback from the members that the police department is cooperating in some places but not in others without recording a FIR despite complaints, Chavan stated that he "would hold a meeting with the Home Minister."
The Prohibition of Cow Slaughter Act has been efficiently implemented in the state thanks to the Karnataka Animal Welfare Board, which was set up  to prohibit cruelty and violence towards animals.

The department's officials and veterinarians are all putting up a lot of effort to stop the slaughter of cows. At the same time, he added that public support is necessary to shut down illicit slaughterhouses and stop cow killing. He claimed that well-equipped surgical trucks are used to treat the dumb animals for the cattle's preservation, care, and health in order to make it more convenient for farmers and cattle breeders.

Chavan also said, "I have always been interested in the protection of cattle by rearing and nurturing them and defending them from illicit slaughterhouses since I became the Minister of Animal Husbandry Department." "The Prohibition of Cow Slaughter Act," declared Prabhu Chavan, "the Establishment of Animal Welfare Board, Establishment of Animal Helpline Center, One Government Goshala in the District, Recruitment of 400 Veterinary Doctors and 250 Junior Veterinary Inspectors, Gomata Cooperative Society, Punyakoti Adoption Project, Work of converting Goshalas into self-sufficient Goshalas is in progress."

Minister Prabhu Chavan congratulated the new members on the same occasion. Mahantesh Doddanagowda Patil, a member of the Kittur MLA's animal welfare committee, Salma K. Faheem, the department's director Dr. Manjunath Palegar, and numerous others were present at the meeting on this occasion.

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