PM Narendra Modi Praises Enforcement Directorate's Anti-Corruption Efforts
PM Narendra Modi Praises Enforcement Directorate's Anti-Corruption Efforts

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi commended the Enforcement Directorate (ED) on Saturday for its resolute stance against corruption, while also taking a swipe at opposition parties, suggesting they were troubled by the agency's vigorous actions.

During a media event, PM Modi underscored his government's commitment to "zero tolerance towards corruption," affirming that the ED operates with complete autonomy in combating corruption. "Zero tolerance towards corruption is a cornerstone of our governance," declared the Prime Minister. "Every agency is empowered to take action against corruption without any interference."

He highlighted the lack of authorization for the probe agency to function prior to 2014, citing a limited number of cases and seizures during the Congress-led UPA government. "Consider the Enforcement Directorate. Up until 2014, only 1,800 cases were registered under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA). However, in the past decade, we've seen 4,700 cases registered," he stated. "Assets worth only Rs 5,000 crore were attached until 2014, but in the last ten years, this figure has surged to over one lakh crore."

PM Modi also noted a tenfold increase in prosecution complaints. "The ED has made significant arrests related to terror financing, cybercrime, and narcotics, dismantling large criminal operations and confiscating assets exceeding Rs 1000 crore," he highlighted. Acknowledging the inevitable backlash from certain quarters when such "exemplary work" occurs, PM Modi remarked, "It's natural for some to be perturbed."

In a dig at the opposition, he remarked, "Consequently, they spend their days and nights hurling abuses at Modi. Yet, the nation resoundingly rejects their rhetoric." Continuing his critique of the opposition, PM Modi stated, "During election time, while the opposition is busy concocting dreams on paper, Modi transcends dreams to deliver guarantees."

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