Prince Narula clashed with Gautam and Riya on the set of Roadies 19
Prince Narula clashed with Gautam and Riya on the set of Roadies 19

The MTV Roadies series has launched. The 19th season of MTV Roadies has begun, a programme that challenges young people with challenging tasks and sharp questions. This show has a tonne of videos that have been released. Karma Ya Kand is the slogan for this year's Roadies season. To impress the gang leaders, a number of believers are attending the performance.

Prince clashed with Gautam-Riya

The contestants on reality shows frequently get into violent disputes, but on Roadies, only the reverse Ganga is visible flowing. The conflict between the gang leaders can be seen in a show-related video that has surfaced. With Gautam Gulati and Rhea Chakraborty, Prince Narula got into a fight. On social media, the debate video has gone viral.

An argument between Prince, Riya, and Gautam

There was a fight between the gang leaders in "Roadies 19." Peri Sheetal, a dancer, was actually someone Prince Narula wanted on his team. Rhea and Gautam, however, were opposed to it and wouldn't give Peri a chance. Prince then started arguing with Gautam and Riya over what exactly.

Riya said Prince should apologise to her

To add Peri Sheetal to his team, Prince asks Rhea and Gautam to press the buzzer. But neither of them agreed to this. The prince then became enraged and raised his voice. Riya becomes irate at the way Prince speaks. The prince responded, "Why should I apologise? I haven't done anything, and neither have you, my friend," in response to the prince's request for an apology.

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