New RT-PCR kit ready to test for monkeypox virus

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, a new virus has created a stir among the people and now the whole world is in a state of anxiety. The name of this new virus is Monkeypox. The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Friday, "There have been about 200 cases of monkeypox virus in more than 20 countries.'' The case has not yet come up in India, but the government is on alert mode. It has also been informed that a medical device company has launched a new RT-PCR kit to detect the Orthopoxvirus.

A statement issued by the company said, "Trivitron Healthcare's research and development team has developed an RT-PCR-based kit providing real-time reports to detect the Monkeypox virus. Trivitron's Monkeypox real-time PCR kit has been designed in four colours and a special kind of flavour has been used in every colour. This will enable the test to be done through a swab test in a single tube. As well as this kit can distinguish between smallpox and monkeypox, this whole process takes a total of 1 hour. Monkeypox has entered Argentina. For the first time in Latin America, the presence of this virus has been confirmed.

In fact, Argentina has reported the first case of Monkeypox last Friday and the person found infected with this virus had recently travelled to Spain. The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Friday that there have been about 200 cases of monkeypox in more than 20 countries. If we talk about the symptoms of the monkeypox virus it usually causes fever, chills, rashes and wounds on the face or genitals.

And it can be spread through contact with any infected person or their clothing or sheets, but the sexually transmitted infection has not yet been documented. Most of the people infected with the virus do not need to be hospitalized and recover from the disease within a few weeks. Vaccines against smallpox are also effective in preventing monkeypox and some antiviral drugs are being developed.

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