Raj and Pihu practise dance moves, 17th August, Yeh Hai Chahatein

Preesha agreed to take Roohi and Saaransh out for ice cream in the episode of today. When Rudra (Prem) approaches them, Roohi invites him to go with them for ice cream as well. Rudra refuses and invites them to leave and return. Both Preesha and Roohi make it clear that they want him to join them. Everyone goes to get ice cream. Preesha notices that Rudra spilled ice cream on her nose and remembers a similar incident. She reveals that this has occurred previously. Rudra is joyfully perceiving visions and remembering her past. She is urged not to think too much by Saaransh. Preesha mentions a previous incident and says she had a feeling this had happened before.

They all enjoy eating ice cream while outside before going home. Digvijay tells Armaan the following day that he witnessed Preesha, Roohi, and the kids leaving during the night and is certain that this was Rudra's strategy for bringing Preesha and her children closer. Armaan says he will ask Rudra to take Prem's kids back and threaten Prem with leaving. Raj and Pihu practise dance moves, but he has trouble keeping up. When Vidyut arrives, he promises to learn the procedures and make them simple for Raj to understand.

Raj watches Vidyut and Pihu dance while growing envious. While Pihu searches for him, he walks away. To jog Preesha's memory, Roohi decides to recreate an incident. Preesha is informed by Rudra that Roohi has called for assistance. Preesha rushes, but Roohi announces that she needs to use the restroom and requests that Preesha sing so that she can urinate. Preesha admits she sings poorly before beginning. Rudra believes that her singing is still below par.

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