"Raj Kundra can’t run such big racket alone, Many are involved": Sagarika Shona

Last a big piece of news reported that actress and model Sagarika Shona Suman had accused Raj Kundra of demanding a nude audition from her. Later, Suman alleged that she had been getting threats for speaking against Shilpa Shetty’s husband. On the same case, Sagarika told in a media report that she has been receiving abusive, rape, and threatening messages on WhatsApp and on few social media handles. “I have filed an official complaint against it at the Oshiwara Police Station, and they are looking into the matter,” Said Sagarika. 

She further adds, “These threat messages say that their business was going so well, and how dare I raise my voice against it, and many such other messages. I was very mentally disturbed because of this and was hospitalized three days ago. I am still not feeling very well,” says Sagarika, further stating, “Many big people are involved in this. I don’t think Raj Kundra can operate such a big racket alone.” Sagarika also claims that in December 2020, Hotshots App had offered her Rs 1 lakh for a 30-minute nude live show in this she further adds “They had approached me through a coordinator this time, and when I said no they said I can do it wearing a mask too, and I don’t have to show my face."

When asked, Why didn’t she file a police complaint against them back then? by a media, on this Sagarika states, “Actually Covid time was going on, and I was also mentally disturbed, because that was the first time that someone had spoken to me like that. In August, there were three people on the video call, and they got me on it under the guise of offering a web series. Work is very important for every artist, and when they told me it was for a web series, I was really happy. But as soon as the video started, they said I will have to give a nude audition. I was so disturbed."

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