Bribe sought for violating corona guidelines, police arrested red-handed

Apr 30 2021 02:04 PM
Bribe sought for violating corona guidelines, police arrested red-handed

Jodhpur: Corona has created a lot of terror all over the country and governments are taking a tough stand amid the rising corona. The intention of the Government is to break the corona chain in a strict way, but those who have the responsibility of implementing it on the ground are the ones who are engaged in putting it on the ground. In Jodhpur, the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) has taken into custody the municipal (south) sanitation inspector for accepting bribes from the marriage garden operator.

On Thursday, the ACB took into custody the Cleanliness Inspector of Jodhpur Municipal Corporation (South) for accepting a bribe of 6,000 rupees while acting on a complaint by a marriage garden operator in Jodhpur. According to ASP Bhopal Singh, marriage garden operator, Om Singh had submitted a petition to the ACB. According to a complaint by marriage garden operator Om Singh, municipal sanitation inspector Surendra Barasa is demanding a bribe of 10,000 rupees for each marriage to be held in the marriage garden.

Om Singh blamed the complaint that he would not create any hurdle in following corona guidelines if the amount was paid. If they don't give, they threaten to seize the marriage garden. The operator complained to the ACB when the sanitation inspector insisted on paying 10,000 rupees for the April 25 wedding at the marriage garden. In its verification, the sanitation Inspector demanded 8,000 rupees and also took 2,000 rupees.

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