Defence Ministry takes major decision in memory of CDS Bipin Rawat
Defence Ministry takes major decision in memory of CDS Bipin Rawat

Speaking at the inaugural function of The Golden Victory Festival today, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said, "Today, we are all waiting at India Gate to celebrate the Victory Festival held under the Golden Victory Year of the 1971 India-Pakistan War (India Pakistan War). The festival commemorates the spectacular victory of the Indian Forces (Indian Army) that changed both the history and geography of South Asia. '

At the same time, he further said, "It was decided to hold this event in an even grander and divine form, but after the untimely demise of the country's first CDS General Bipin Rawat (CDS General Bipin Rawat), it has been decided to treat it with simplicity. Today, I also pay my tributes to him. At the same time, he added, "On this day, I salute the valour, valour and sacrifice of every soldier of the Indian Army that led to India's victory in the 1971 war. This country will always be indebted to the sacrifices and sacrifices of all those heroes.''

At the same time, he added, "All of you may be aware of Martin Luther King Jr.'s statement that 'Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere' means that if injustice is being done anywhere, it also threatens the justice prevailing elsewhere. Sometimes I wonder what was the fault of our Bengali sisters and brothers. Not just that they were demanding their rights? Seeking the preservation of your art, culture and language? He was talking about his proper representation in politics and governance?' The Defence Minister further said, 'The injustice and atrocities against our Bengali sisters and brothers were in some way a threat to the entire humanity. It was our Raj Dharma, the national religion and the military religion to liberate the people of East Pakistan from that injustice and exploitation. This war is an excellent example of our morality, our democratic traditions and just behaviour. It is rare in history that a country should not dominate another country after defeating it in war, but hand over power to its political representative. '

He also said, "India has contributed to the establishment of democracy in Bangladesh and today we are very happy that in the last 50 years Bangladesh has been moving fast on the path of development which is a matter of inspiration for the rest of the world. This Vijay Parv is not only a festival of special operations, but also of the spirit of victory in the conscience of the countrymen and our armies, which is present in all parts of our armies from Rani Lakshmibai to Major Somnath Sharma, Veer Abdul Hamid and Captain Vikram Batra and today. '

At the same time, he said, "This war tells us that the partition of India on the basis of religion was a historic mistake. Pakistan was born in the name of a religion but could not remain one. After the defeat of 1971, our neighbouring country has been constantly fighting a proxy war in India. How strong the spirit of anti-India is in Pakistan is gauged from the fact that they name their missiles in the name of the invaders who attacked India. Blonde, Ghaznavi, Abdali! They should be asked whether they had attacked today's Pakistani territory also. While India's missiles are named Akash, Prithvi, Agni. Now one of our missiles has also been named Sant. It was only yesterday that he underwent a successful test. '

He also said, "Pakistan wants to break India by promoting terrorism. The Indian Forces foiled his designs in 1971 and now work is on to root out terrorism as well. We have won the direct war, even in the indirect war, the victory will be ours. Our aim is to keep our armed forces ready for any eventuality and we are moving very fast in this direction. Festivals like 'Vijay Parv' inspire us to move on this path and fast.''

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