Sri Krishna killed Bakasur, Kans planning this against Krishna
Sri Krishna killed Bakasur, Kans planning this against Krishna

Ramanand Sagar's Ramayana became the most popular serial in the world, on the same lines, Shri Krishna is being broadcast on DD National from 9 pm to 10 pm. But if you have missed the latest episode, don't worry. Let us tell you what happened in the Monday episode. Yashoda is performing aarti of God. And after offering water to Tulsi, she feeds the cow. Krishna is still in deep sleep. Yashoda has been trying to wake him up. After a long time, Krishna wakes up. Yashoda tells Kanha that his friends are waiting outside and Kanha takes Prasad without bathing and says to Yashoda, "I want to go and feed cow with Sakha, then give me something to eat." Maiya says that she has fed his friend, Kanha happily embraces Yashoda. Kanha is going to graze the cow playing the flute with his friends. Only then does he see a big wader.

Krishna's friend Mansukha tells Krishna that he has not seen such a big wad till date, it is no one else but the Bakasur monster who is the elder brother of Pootana Rakshashini. Mansukha tells Krishna that he will definitely be a demon. Whereas Krishna accepts his dau and goes to the heron. After circling around her, he tells her friend that, look, it does nothing, then the heron attacks Krishna with his big beak. Demon and Krishna have a long fight, one time he tries to swallow Krishna with his beak but he fails and later Krishna kills Bagula, the demon Bakasura. All of Krishna's friends are happy and lifts him up and chant "Hathi Ghoda Pal ki Jai Kanhaiya Lal ki". 

Kansa is not sure that Bakasur was killed. The soldier tells Kans about the battle of Bakasur and Krishna that Bakasur had caught Krishna with his beak in the mouth but he could not swallow. Kansa said that Bakasur was a fool when he trapped him with his beak then he should kill him, it was good that the fool was killed on his foolishness. Kansa tells his minister Chandar that such a great demon was killed but could not kill a small child. Kans tells him that we do not have such a powerful demon who can kill a small enemy of ours. Chandar says that Maharaj Putana and Bakasura's elder brother Agasur. Agasur tells Kansa that even God cannot get rid of what gets stuck in my jaw, then Kansa says that how will you go to Gokul by taking such a big body because those people would have become more careful after Bakasur died.

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