Report: Amid divorce rumours, Jennifer and Ben are selling their $60 million home, the actress has moved to a rented house!
Report: Amid divorce rumours, Jennifer and Ben are selling their $60 million home, the actress has moved to a rented house!

Hollywood power couple Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have been making headlines recently due to persistent rumors about their impending divorce. Although neither Jennifer nor Ben has issued any official statements regarding these speculations, the couple has been spotted together on several occasions. Adding fuel to the fire, it has recently come to light that Jennifer and Ben are selling their $60 million home. This news has further intensified the rumors of their separation. So, what's the real story behind these headlines?

House for Sale: The Latest Twist in the Tale

According to an article by TMZ on June 8, the showbiz media outlet revealed, based on information from sources close to Ben and Jennifer, that the couple is in direct contact with realtor Santiago Arana to sell their shared home. Nearly a year ago, Ben and Jennifer reportedly purchased this luxurious mansion for over $60 million.

The Search for a Home: A Two-Year Journey

Two years ago, Ben and Jennifer were actively searching for a new home. After looking at more than 80 properties, they finally settled on a house in Beverly Hills. Now, the news of them selling this home has come to the fore. Despite these reports, there has been no official statement from Ben or Jennifer regarding the sale or the divorce rumors. Amidst the buzz about their potential split and house sale, the couple has been seen together at various events for their children. Recently, they were even spotted enjoying some romantic moments together.

Jennifer Lopez's New Residence: Another Clue?

Adding another layer to the ongoing speculation, some media reports suggest that Jennifer Lopez has moved into a rental property in Brentwood. Sources claim that the actress is once again on the lookout for a new home. While fans and the media continue to speculate about the couple's future, only time will tell what lies ahead for Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck.

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