Researchers warn of common symptoms of omicron infection

New Delhi: The new variant of Covid-19, omicron, is creating havoc in India these days. People here are scared and scared. Researchers, on the other hand, are constantly trying to understand this new variant. Let me tell you all that a new research on omicron infection recently revealed that it looks like a very common cold. That is why it is more difficult to identify. Recently, researchers have said that the virus may have taken genetic material from a virus with a common cold and made at least one mutation of its own.

Let me tell you that many researches have said that the symptoms of omicron infection seem to be different from the rest of the variants. Earlier it was said that the symptoms are not very serious so infected people may be further delayed in detecting it. It is now being said that omicron infection probably looks like a common cold. In fact, a research has been conducted under the leadership of Venky Sundararajan of cambridge university. Research has shown that the mutation may have taken place in a cell that can host both SARS-Cov-2 and cold viruses.

Research has revealed that the omicron virus spreads faster, but its symptoms are either not visible or appear extremely mild. Not only that, cambridge research has revealed that 'Omicron must have been born in a person who is infected with both viruses. In this case, the covid virus may have taken genetic properties from other viruses and that is why the genetic sequence of omicrons does not match the existing variants of coronavirus. That is why its symptoms are also different from other covid variants. '

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