Robbers opt this new way to commit severe robbery in Ludhiana

Jun 11 2019 09:01 PM
Robbers opt this new way to commit severe robbery in Ludhiana

Ludhiana: in the city's Durri area, the family was using cooler and home-sleeping Sunday night, the thief took 15 tole jewellery and two and a half million cash. Intoxicated family when woke up in the morning, the incident was revealed. Police have been rinse CCTV cameras in the area in search of thieves. Let's say incidents like this have already happened in the city.

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Intoxicated spray added in cooler water

As per the information received from sources, Satpal Singh said that he is doing a business of making modern kitchen modules. The house has a wife, son, parents and sister. On the night, he went to sleep coolers while the parents and sister were in the AC room. At about seven o'clock in the morning, it was seen that all the belongings in the room were scattered and even outside.

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At the same, they made a voice to the rest of the family, and they were also amazed to see the scattered stuff.  When the cabinets were checked, there were about 15 grm gold and two and a half million cash missing. According to Satpal, the thief also ate all the fruit lying on the table.

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