Corona outbreak continues in Russia, millions of test done so far
Corona outbreak continues in Russia, millions of test done so far

The deadly Coronavirus is wreaking havoc in the whole world. More than 18 million tests have been done since its inception in Russia. According to Russia's public health watchdog Rospotrebnadzor, more than 3 lakh people are being suspected and undergoing medical monitoring. In Russia, the total number of its patients is constantly increasing. However, there were 6800 new cases in the country on Friday, which is the lowest level between April and now. According to government data, more than 7 thousand cases were coming out every day since April. With these new cases, the number of people infected with the deadly coronavirus in Russia has reached 620,794. Here, the number of people who died due to this deadly virus has reached 8781. During the last 24 hours, 176 patients died in Russia.

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During the last 14 hours, patients who have been infected with the coronavirus include 813 Moscow, 390 Moscow Region and 295 Khanty from the Mansi Autonomous Area. More patients came here a day earlier, such as 885 patients from Moscow, 467 from Moscow region and 319 patients from Khanty Mansi Autonomous Region. According to government data, 384152 patients infected with this virus in Russia have been discharged and sent home from various hospitals after recovering. In the last 24 hours only 6343 patients have been discharged from hospitals.

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According to Russia's Coronavirus Response Center, there are about 1941 patients who have been found positive by this deadly virus, but they did not show symptoms. Such patients are called asymptomatic patients. The initial symptoms of the disease are not visible in these patients, but they are infected with it. Their infection can be confirmed only by examining them. In the beginning of coronavirus with asymptomatic patients, it was revealed that such patients can become a danger to others. But later the World Health Organization (WHO) said that patients without symptoms are much less likely to be infected by another person. This happens in very rare cases.

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