Russian President Putin praised PM Modi, said, 'Indian PM Modi is a "responsible" leader'
Russian President Putin praised PM Modi, said, 'Indian PM Modi is a

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that PM Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping are responsible leaders. Putin said the two leaders are fully capable of resolving India-China issues. At the same time, he said that no third regional power should interfere in the India-China bilateral issues. It may be recalled that tensions between India and China have been going on along the border for a long time.

Russia has publicly criticised the quad, which is aligned with India, the US, Japan and Australia. But the Russian President said it does not depend on Moscow to assess how a country becomes part of the alliance. Moreover, how should a country have a relationship with which country? But there should be no participation in the goal of making friends against anyone. The Russian President's remarks came in response to a question when he was questioned about India's stake in quad stake and China's alliance against it.

The Russian President also said that "There is no contradiction in relations between Moscow and Beijing as Russia has a partnership with India. I know there are some issues related to India-China relations, Putin said. But there are always some issues between every neighbouring country. I know very well the behaviour of both the PM of India and the President of China". He said, "These are extremely responsible people and they honestly respect each other. I am confident that they can come to a solution to all the issues that they may face". Putin said, however, it is very important that no other additional regional power interferes with it.

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