Russian Solidarity: Christmas Trees Near Moscow's Palestinian Embassy in Support of Gaza
Russian Solidarity: Christmas Trees Near Moscow's Palestinian Embassy in Support of Gaza"

MOSCOW: Support for Palestine Grows as Russians Place Christmas Trees near Moscow's Palestinian Embassy - In a gesture of solidarity and condemnation against Israel's attacks on Gaza, citizens in Moscow rallied around the Palestinian cause by leaving more than 50 Christmas trees and toys in front of the Palestinian Embassy. This act, timed close to the New Year, aimed to express support for Palestine amidst ongoing tensions with Israel.

The symbolic display included poignant photographs illustrating Israel's assaults on Gaza. QR codes linked to resources for aiding Palestine were also placed alongside the Christmas trees, emphasizing the plea for support.

The recent conflict between Israel and Palestine has seen an escalation, with casualties and damages on the rise. Following Hamas’ cross-border attack on October 7, Israel's continued strikes on the Gaza Strip have resulted in devastating consequences. Local health authorities reported a staggering toll of 21,507 Palestinians killed and 55,915 injured, indicating the severity of the situation.

However, discrepancies in the official figures have emerged. An Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman revised the death toll from the October attack, significantly lowering the number to around 1,200 individuals. This revision has raised concerns, as Tel Aviv has not provided any further updates or details regarding the casualties.

The aftermath of the Israeli offensive has left Gaza in ruins, with an estimated 60% of its infrastructure damaged or destroyed. Nearly 2 million residents have been displaced, grappling with acute shortages of essential resources like food, clean water, and medicines.

The outpouring of support in Moscow signifies the growing global concern and empathy for the plight of Palestinians in the face of ongoing conflicts with Israel. The display of solidarity through Christmas trees and toys represents a call for international attention and aid to alleviate the dire situation faced by the people of Gaza.

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