12 people sentenced to death in the last 10 days in Saudi Arabia, know why?
12 people sentenced to death in the last 10 days in Saudi Arabia, know why?

Abu Dhabi: Saudi Arabia has been known for its hardline rules and horrific punishments. The main reason for this is the strict laws there, due to which the accused is not spared under any circumstances. Although there was some softening in the harsh punishments given in Saudi Arabia for some time, but now once again such news has come out, which is enough to shake the soul of any human being.

In fact, 12 people have been beheaded in Saudi Arabia and sentenced to death within 10 days. Many of these people's necks were cut with swords. Obviously, it is frightening to think of such punishment in today's time. However, Saudi Arabia, which is wrapped up in modern progress, is not able to get rid of its old evil practices. According to the report, the 12 people who were beheaded in Saudi Arabia are mostly migrant people. Three of them are Pakistanis, four are Syrians, and two are Jordanians. However, those sentenced include 3 Saudi nationals. All were accused of violating the drugs-related law, due to which they were sentenced to death.

Let us know that in March, 81 people were sentenced to death by the Saudi Arabian government. Among these 81 people were people belonging to many militant organizations. For the first time in the modern history of Saudi Arabia, such a large number of people were sentenced to death. In 2018, the Saudi Arabian government also decided to reduce such punishment. At that time there was speculation that the Saudi government would give such a strict punishment only to those who would be accused of slaughtering or killing someone.  

Mohammed bin Salman had said that the Saudi government was considering how to give the death penalty to the least number of people. However, this did not last long, and only after almost two years, such horrific punishments started being given to the people in Saudi Arabia. While Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has been constantly talking about changes in Saudi Arabia's justice system.

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