Saudi Arabian children now have access to a comprehensive sports curriculum for skill development

RIYADH: Sports Hub KSA, a local organization, creates specially designed sports programs for children that emphasize play and skill development rather than competition and welcome parental involvement.

Simon Muller, CEO and co-founder of Sports Hub KSA, described the program's vision as follows: "We want to give children the opportunity to play sports in a setting other than the school environment. Children can play during their time off. With us without any pressure, and the teacher doesn't need to teach anything specific in 45 minutes.

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Inspire Sports, schools, families and special children between the ages of four and ten are some of the stakeholders for whom Sports Hub KSA, a Saudi Arabia-based organization, specializes in developing and delivering sports programs.

For example, Inspire Sports organized a summer camp event this year, the first in the Kingdom since COVID-19, to allow kids to socialize with other kids their age.

Unlike other sports programs, Motivation does not promote competition or strive to be the best; Instead, it lays the groundwork for children's skill building while participating in a variety of games and activities in a single session.

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Muller said that kids always need to explore new things, and one game can get boring after four or five seasons, so our concept is multi-play, which is why it's a mix of games. According to Muller, playing with children, especially "those aged four to 10, is more important than specializing in a sport."

We focus more on sports than sports, and a season can consist of five to eight sports or games, including athletics, dodgeball, basketball, football, gymnastics, dance and yoga. The fact that children are interested in many different things is very interesting. Muller reported that at least once a week, many people practiced yoga.

Only apples, bananas and water were provided during the three-hour summer program. He added, “We are just trying to impress other parents and let them see what we are offering by providing healthy examples and food during our sessions. We also do healthy through social media platforms. promoting food."

Muller said that since inclusivity is a key component of their programs, coaches actively encourage parents to participate and be present during lessons.

"Inclusion is a key component of our work; we don't want to leave anyone out. According to Muller, we aim to provide activities that allow children of different ages, skill levels and developmental stages to have fun together.

He said the most important factor for parents when they choose to enroll their children in programs, especially when they are so young, is trust. “We are fully aware that what we are doing is something new and that we are new as a company.

So, we have open days where families can come and just try and see what we get up to, but we also constantly invite parents over. The doors are open, so parents can enter at any time during the program and see what we're up to, he said.

In the scientific community, it is well established that an age range of three to six is ​​important for the development of specific behaviors and the establishment of positive associations with particular things. "Everything is important at a young age," Mueller said.

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"Our ultimate goal is to get the kids to stay with us for two to three years, not just for the summer, especially for kids between the ages of four and nine. Their fundamentals are far more developed than other kids who have Doesn't get a chance to spend a few hours with us every week, he claimed.

Muller feels it is important for children to try new things in their formative years. After spending the first few years enrolled in the sports program, children will be able to choose their favorite sports.

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