School files complaint against parents for falsely alleging religious promotion

Karnataka: A private international school in Bengaluru has filed a complaint against the parents of a second-grade daughter who alleges that her maths teacher forcefully promoted a religion in class, according to police.

According to Mico Layout police, the school administration have filed a non-cognizable miscellaneous report and have demanded that the parents be summoned and counselled.

The parents had posted a video on social media accusing the teacher of pushing a religious ritual on the pupils, according to the school.The child states in the video that her teacher asked her to pray to Allah.

The girl claims that the class was unable to memorise the information in the money chapter. So the teacher made them pray to Allah the next day. When they revealed that they were Hindus, their teacher assured them that Allah was a superior god. The school administration conducted an investigation and spoke with both the student and the teacher. The class's CCTV footage was also examined. The parents' assertions were judged to be false following the investigation.

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