Shameful! Husband arranges wife's rape by summoning two individuals, reveals shocking motive
Shameful! Husband arranges wife's rape by summoning two individuals, reveals shocking motive

A shocking incident has emerged from Muraina, Madhya Pradesh. Here, a husband orchestrated the rape of his wife by two individuals. Allegedly, the couple was unable to conceive a child after their marriage, prompting the husband to commit this heinous act. The perpetrator also threatened to kill his wife after the assault. The victim's mother lodged a complaint against the criminal husband at the Mata Basaiya police station.

The victim's mother explained that her daughter had been married to the perpetrator six years ago. Initially, everything seemed fine between the couple. However, they faced difficulty conceiving a child despite consulting several doctors and undergoing various treatments. The criminal husband works as a laborer in a new colony being developed in Thana Dimni Gram Kheda.

On the evening of February 6th, the victim was riding a motorcycle with her husband to her in-laws' house when it was already dark. The perpetrator stopped the motorcycle near a village field and asked the wife to get off. When questioned about stopping near the field, the husband remained silent. He then took his wife into the field where he had called two other individuals. The cruel husband instructed them to rape his wife and threatened to kill her. Following his instructions, the two criminals assaulted the victim and threatened her with dire consequences if she disclosed the incident to anyone.

Subsequently, the distraught victim returned to her maternal home and confided in her mother about the horrific incident. Upon hearing of her daughter's ordeal, the mother promptly contacted the police and filed a complaint. Upon receiving the complaint, the police swiftly initiated an investigation and announced a reward of three thousand rupees for the apprehension of the perpetrators. The police examined the CCTV footage at the scene of the crime, leading to the capture of the three culprits. Remarkably, the main perpetrator turned out to be the victim's husband.

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