Siddipet Panchayatraj ordered to conduct a property survey

Oct 01 2020 07:20 PM
Siddipet Panchayatraj ordered to conduct a property survey

We all know that the TRS government has launched dharani website for registration of land revenue. In this sense, rural and panchayat have also come into action mode. Now, Panchayat Raj and Rural Development General Secretary Sandeep Kumar Sultania has directed panchayat secretaries to conduct a survey at villages to identify all the assets and upload it on dharani website. Principal Secretary and Collector P Venkatrami Reddy spoke to mandal panchayat officials through teleconference in Siddipet on Wednesday.

Sultania said the state government has decided to digitally document all the assets including income lands and issue pattadar passbooks to them by uploading the dharabni to the website. To help the government complete the process early, senior IAS officer ordered the Panchayatraj department officials to complete the survey and upload the assets in villages on a war footing. He suggested that people should be aware of the importance of uploading their property details on the Dharani website, which brings transparency in maintaining land records.

However, the Panchayat Secretary in Dornala visited Dornala village in Theni village of Siddipet village to examine the process of collection of property details. In another meeting, the Principal Secretary instructed the district administration to complete the construction of farmer's platforms by October 10.

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