VIDEO: Sindhi society in America demands PM Modi to separate Sindh from Pakistan

Houston: After Balochistan, the Sindhi society of Pakistan has now demanded their independence in front of PM Narendra Modi. Zafar, a Sindhi activist in Houston, USA, said that India should help India in getting Sindh free from Pakistan like Bangladesh. Sindhi activist Zafar said, "Sindhi people of Pakistan have come to Houston with a message. When Modi Ji passes through here in the morning, we will reach here and tell him that we want freedom. We hope that Modi Ji and President Trump Help us."

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We Sindhi will demand the independence of our Sindh state from PM Narendra Modi on our behalf. We are being massacred in Pakistan. Many of our officers are being destroyed. Just as India had helped for the independence of Bangladesh in 1971, similarly we should be helped to get Sindh independence from Pakistan.

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A representative of the Sindhi society told the press that, "The princely state of Pakistan is a fascist and terrorist state. The corpses of humans are sold there. Minorities have not been given any rights. We want Modi ji and President Trump to help us in this matter. Pakistan Army and agency ISI should be declared as terrorists.

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