Now people will be imprisoned for 5 years in this city or fined 1 lakh for Single-use plastic
Now people will be imprisoned for 5 years in this city or fined 1 lakh for Single-use plastic

New Delhi: A person have to go to jail he/she single-use plastic in Chandigarh and thermocol with it. In Chandigarh, a notice has been issued to ban single-use plastic and under the notification issued, there is now a complete ban on the use of any kind of single-use plastic and thermocol in the city. With this, under Section 15 of the Environment (Protection) Act - 1986, whoever fails to follow these orders, it has come to light of imposing a maximum sentence of five years or fine of Rs 1 lakh. In cases, both fines can be imposed simultaneously.

According to this information, Devendra Dalai, Director of Chandigarh Environment Department has given information about this and he said, "We are not scaring people but despite NGT orders, people are also using plastic. A fine of up to Rs 5000 has also been imposed, but still, people are using single-use plastic, so strictness is being shown. "With this, Dalai said," People have been aware of people for many days. We are doing this and the awareness campaign will continue for the time being, but if people are seen deliberately violating the rules, then they will be punished and punished under the provisions. " Vendra Dalai said, 'strictly will not only ordinary people but also on shopkeepers and showroom operators. In spite of the ban on shops and showrooms, polyethene, plastic and thermocol will be used, their electricity and water connections will be cut. From today onwards, no one can manufacture, store, import, sale, supply or use plastics, thermocol, styrofoam goods shopkeepers, vendors, hole sellers, traders, hawkers or hawkers. Protocol guidebook is also being distributed to make people aware of so that people know what plastic is used. It has been banned since today and what will be banned after 3 months. ''

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Ban on the use of these things from today
- Single-use plastic cutlery (plate, cup, glass, bowl, fork, knife, spoon, straw)
- Thermocol / styrofoam cutlery (plate, cup, glass, bowl etc.)
- Single-use plastic containers (bowl, tray, glass, lids) less than 250 microns
- Silver aluminium, plastic bags or pouches used for packing food items
- Drinking a water-sealed glass and plastic mineral water pouches
- One-time razors, pens
- Plastic and thermocol used in decorations
- Wrapping used in decorations, packing sheets, frills, garlands, party bloopers, plastic ribbons
- Nonwoven polypropylene bag
- Plastic /polyethene carry bag in all sizes and colours without handles and without handles

These things will be banned after three months -
- Any type of industrial packaging less than 50 microns
- Single-use plastic containers i.e. packaging less than 250 microns, kheer, ice cream containers etc. used in dairy items.
- 50 ml / 50g packaging cape sachets
- Plastic sticks, balloons, flags, candies used in earbuds
- Plastic refill pouch less than 500 mL quantity
- Straw found with Tetra Pack
- Multi-layered packaging used in food/snack packing.

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With this, 3000 people took oath on capital complex today to make Chandigarh plastic-free and Punjab Governor and Chandigarh Administrator VP Singh Badnore administered the oath to Chandigarh residents in the presence of top officials. With this, Chandigarh Administrator VP Singh Badnaur said that "Chandigarh City is beautiful and it is our responsibility to make it clean." Chandigarh is ahead in everything, so it will soon be made plastic-free. Therefore, there is a strict ban on single-use plastic. "On this, the people of Chandigarh say that" The rules of administration are strict but good because people follow the rules out of fear. People cited the Motor Vehicle Act during this period. We will fully cooperate in making Chandigarh clean and plastic-free. ''

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