Speculation Surrounds DK Shivakumar's Potential Ascension as Karnataka CM
Speculation Surrounds DK Shivakumar's Potential Ascension as Karnataka CM

Bangalore: Congress MP DK Suresh hinted on Wednesday that his brother and Deputy CM DK Shivakumar could ascend to the position of Chief Minister after a period of two-and-a-half years. The speculation arose during an interview with a prominent Kannada media outlet where Suresh was questioned about the potential succession plan following CM Siddaramaiah's tenure.

Addressing queries about Shivakumar's aspirations, Suresh stated, "Dreams require time to manifest, and changes are inevitable. While I won't confirm your assertions outright, I believe Shivakumar's aspirations will materialize in due course. He may assume the role of Chief Minister after two-and-a-half years, but we must await the appropriate moment." Regarding rumors of a power-sharing agreement between Siddaramaiah and Shivakumar, Suresh mentioned that the party's high command has deliberated on the matter, hinting at forthcoming developments without divulging specifics.

In a similar vein, Congress MLA Ravikumar Gowda sparked controversy in October 2023 by suggesting that Shivakumar could assume the CM position following 2.6 years of Siddaramaiah's governance, citing Shivakumar's significant contributions to the party. When approached for comment on power-sharing arrangements, Shivakumar deferred to the high command's authority, emphasizing the collective benefit of their decisions rather than individual ambitions.

In November 2023, amidst discussions about power-sharing, CM Siddaramaiah affirmed his commitment to serving the full five-year term. He reiterated his position as Chief Minister and expressed confidence in the stability of the government. Shivakumar, adhering to party directives, refrained from commenting on Siddaramaiah's statement, underscoring his loyalty to the party's leadership.

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