Government revised highway speed limits for vehicles
Government revised highway speed limits for vehicles

Indian government has taken a decision to push the road limits further.  The speed limit on Indian roads has been revised and changed to 120 km/h from 100km/h for personal vehicles, 100 km/h for cabs/taxis  which was 80 km/h earlier.This is only a case of expressways

While for two wheelers the limit is extended to 80km/h on highways.

Although for city road the speed for two wheelers is 70km/h and that for four wheelers including personal and taxis is 60km/h.

This decision has been taken under the minitry of road transport and highways by Nitin Gadkari. No specific reason has been given for this change.

A very important thing to keep in mind is that these speed limits have only been changed for highways, expressways and not for road passing through towns and cities.

National highway Authority of India has taken this stern decision.Vehicle drivers are strictly expected to follow the road speed limits.The notification also stated that under section 183 of the motor vehicles act, 1988, no action will be taken is the speed is detected within 5 percent of the maximum speed specified . The locals can also put up different speed limits according to the traffic of that area.

Safety is a serious issue and hence should be taken with seriousness.

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