He tore the paper labelled 'Hussain', so we burned him, murder of Sri Lankan citizen in Pakistan

Islamabad: A man was burnt alive by a mob in Pakistan for insulting Islam. The deceased has been identified as Priyantha Kumara of Sri Lanka. Pakistan police have arrested two youths, Farhan and Talka, in connection with the case. The killers have also confessed to the crime on camera. On Twitter, journalist Hamid Mir shared a video showing the murderer saying that the deceased tore up the paper written Hussain on it.



The accused said, 'We told our colleagues that it had gone wrong. We spoke with our management. We all gathered together and sprinkled oil on him and burned him. Even life is sacrificed in the name of our Messenger. It is written in our hadith that whosoever insults the glory of the prophets, his head will be cut off from his body. Another accused said, 'Mohammed Kalam's name is mine. Farhan, Mohammad Farhan. Hussain was written on a paper, which he took, tore it up and threw it in the dustbin.



The accused said on camera, 'We were not tolerated to tear the paper written Hussain on it and throw it in the dustbin. We talked to the management. They are saying that there has been a mistake. We told him to talk to the manager. Whoever has done this has done wrong. They are saying that we talk further. There is still talk to be done, and till then we are not to act. Says it's okay. Then we have got boys and also came together. Then we did not burn it by pouring oil here.' Social media users are condemning the act after the video went viral.

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