Follow these home remedies to get rid of stomach ache
Follow these home remedies to get rid of stomach ache

In this stressful life, most of us do not take special care of our food and drink. Due to which we also have to face many diseases. Often, many people are struggling with stomach ache and gas problems. Which can also cause many diseases. But there is nothing to fear, we are telling you about some such household and medicines which can save you from these diseases. In which there are 3 fruits Amla, Haritaki and Vibhitaki. It is believed that it is the proper and best medicine. It helps in regulating digestion and excretion.

Follow these home remedies

Fig: A large amount of fiber is found in the addresses of dried or green figs, it also acts as a natural laxative. To get relief from constipation, boil some figs in a glass of milk, drink this mixture before bedtime, this mixture should be lightly lukewarm. You can also eat figs as a fruit.

Raisins: Raisins are full of fiber and act as a natural laxative drug. This remedy works wonders for pregnant women as well, without the side effects of the drug. There are more benefits of eating raisins. Soak fist in water. Consuming them on an empty stomach in the morning is beneficial. And drinking its soaked water relieves stomach pain.

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