Sunderkand and Mahamrityunjaya recitation being done for the safety of the cheetahs of Kuno

Sheopur: After the death of three leopards and three cubs in the Kuno National Park in Sheopur, Madhya Pradesh within the last two months, there is a gloom in the villages adjacent to the park. This is the reason why the people of the village have now started worshiping and praying for the well-being of all the 17 leopards left in the park and one seriously ill cub.

In fact, the villagers, hoping for the development of the area from the Cheetah project, are very upset with the serial deaths of cheetahs. They are praying to God to avert the threat to the lives of more cheetahs. According to the news received, for the last two days, havan and Mahamrityunjaya mantra, Sundarkand and Hanuman Chalisa are being recited in the Manshapurna Hanuman temple, located 15 km from Karahal tehsil headquarters, for the safety of cheetahs and the health of the seriously ill young cub. Along with the villagers, cheetah friends are also involved in the worship.

Local folk artist and cheetah friend Girraj Paliwal said that villagers are gathering at the Manshapurna Hanuman temple and offering prayers as per their reverence. After the death of 3 cheetahs and 3 cubs of female cheetah flame one after the other, everyone is sad. Prayers are being performed to ensure that all the remaining cheetahs in the park remain healthy and safe and the sick cubs also recover soon.

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