Sunita Kejriwal Shares Incarcerated Husband's Message with Delhi Legislators
Sunita Kejriwal Shares Incarcerated Husband's Message with Delhi Legislators

New Delhi: Sunita Kejriwal, the wife of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal who is currently in jail, shared his message with legislators, urging them to prioritize the welfare of Delhi’s residents.

In the message, Arvind Kejriwal emphasized the importance of legislators actively engaging with constituents to address any issues they may be facing. He stressed that the well-being of Delhi's 20 million people is his priority, and he urged legislators to ensure that no resident encounters difficulties.

"Delhi’s 20 million people are my family. It is my responsibility to ensure that none of my family members face unhappiness," Kejriwal conveyed through his message.

Sunita Kejriwal, while reading out her husband’s message, displayed a picture of him in the background.

Previous Message at INDIA Bloc Rally

Earlier, on March 31, Sunita Kejriwal had relayed a message from Arvind Kejriwal during the INDIA bloc rally. In that message, he appealed to all Indians to collaborate in building a better India, emphasizing that his incarceration hasn't deterred his commitment to serving the nation.

"I am not seeking votes or political favoritism. I am merely asking for the cooperation of all 1.4 billion Indians to contribute towards creating a greater India," the message stated.

Sunita Kejriwal hailed her husband as a resilient leader, referring to him as a "lion" who cannot be suppressed for long.

Sanjay Singh Meets Sunita Kejriwal

On Wednesday night, AAP leader Sanjay Singh visited Sunita Kejriwal at the Chief Minister’s residence following his release from Tihar Jail. In a video, Singh sought blessings from Sunita Kejriwal, with his wife accompanying him during the visit.

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