'Supreme  Court' reprimand to Kejriwal government
'Supreme Court' reprimand to Kejriwal government

New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Thursday heard the Delhi-NCR pollution case. The petitioner's counsel Vikas Singh said there is a need to set up a task force in the case. So that the court's directions can be followed properly. He asked the task force to be empowered by flying squads who can take immediate action if they violate the instructions. For example, the right to seize is given. Vikas Singh said that today there are 500 AQI and people are facing difficulties. The bans that have been imposed should be the same for all.

CJI NV Ramanna then slammed the Delhi government for not closing the school. He said little kids are going to school, coming in the newspapers. Employees are working from home and children are being sent to school. When abhishek manu singhvi, a lawyer and Congress leader defending the Delhi government, asked for a two-minute moratorium, CJI said we were not the opposition. Which unnecessarily condemn you. We just worry about people. CJI said that if you don't do anything, we have to do something.

The Supreme Court told the Delhi government that you have nothing but slogans of assurance and popularity. If you want the order, we'll order. we will appoint someone to operate your government in terms of pollution, said CJI NV Ramana. You tell us that you have applied work from home to adults. So parents work from home and children have to go to school. What kind of system is this? On the other hand, the apex court has granted 24 hours time to the Centre, Delhi and the state governments to give some concrete proposals on implementation of pollution control measures. The court said it will hear back at 30 minutes at 10 am tomorrow. If the Centre fails to come up with a satisfactory mechanism, the court will give some orders.

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