Taarak Mehta's recent episode draws the attention to human negligence
Taarak Mehta's recent episode draws the attention to human negligence

Gokuldham Society residents value their traditions and culture. Every holiday is observed with enthusiasm and zest. Almost all Hindus perform Shraddha of their ancestors since Pitrapaksh began. Residents of Gokuldham also perform Shraddh to honor their ancestors.

Taarak initially expresses a desire to feed crows in memory of his late father, Sharddha. He runs into trouble when he can't locate any crows in his own society. When Bhide becomes aware of this, he decides to assist Taarak in his crow-hunting endeavor.

They initially go to the garden expecting to see a crow because of all the trees there, but they come away disappointed. Even though they start looking for crows near the trash cans, they are unable to find any. After a while, Taarak gives up and decides to leave the food under a tree in the hopes that a crow will eat it.

All three of them are depressingly unhappy. As they move towards Gokuldham, Taarak takes one final glance behind them. Both he and others are shocked by what they see. None of them had ever anticipated to see this. It is what? What were the sights? Check out the most recent episode of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah starting on Friday, September 23.

"In this track, we tried to draw attention to two problems. One is the continual degradation of the environment brought on by human negligence and pollution. Naturally, wildlife in urban areas is slowly disappearing or becoming less prevalent. The second is child poverty and how we can care for and feed them. Both of these problems demand our immediate attention. We chose the topic of Shraddh because it is new and well-known to the average person. Explains the show's creator and producer, Asit Kumarr Modi.

One of the longest-running sitcoms, Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah debuted in 2008 and is currently in its 15th year with more than 3500 episodes. Neela Film Productions Private Limited broadcasts Tarak Mama Ayyo Rama in Telegu and Gukuldhamchi Duniyadari in Marathi in addition to its flagship show on YouTube. Asit Kumarr Modi is the author and creator of the series and the character universe.     

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