Telangana nets highest per capita income is higher than that of Mumbai: KCR

Warangal: K. Chandrashekar Rao (KCR), the chief minister of Telangana, inagurated  the Prathima Relief Institute of Medical Sciences in Warangal, on Saturday.

While speaking to the medical students present at the occasion, the Chief Minister compared Telangana's per capita income with Mumbai, India's financial hub.  The CM declared that Telangana's per capita income exceeded that of Mumbai, India's financial centre. 

He said, "We used to only have 5 medical colleges, now we could acquire 12 more colleges." KCR added while berating the Central government, "No medical colleges have been provided by the national government. However, 33 new medical colleges in 33 areas have received broad approval. The task will be accomplished in a few days ". "Private and government seats totaled about 2800 before 2014, but now the state has about 6800 medical seats." KCR said.

The 350-bed Pratima Medical College Hospital (Pratima Relief Institute of Medical Sciences) and Cancer Institute, which is located on Mulugu Road, were officially opened by the chief minister. "Any nation or group that has access to all the information and is current will advance. Any community that adopts a passive spectator role will suffer a severe loss. Telangana's statehood was only recognised after a protracted battle "KCR said.

While addressing the medical aspirants KCR said,  "This is one of the best countries, but some people are attempting to poison it out of selfishness, which is bad for the community. The future is in your hands, and it is up to you and the younger generation to make our country into a great one ". 

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