Conflict in East Ladakh, war between two sides may happen again
Conflict in East Ladakh, war between two sides may happen again

Beijing: The conflict between India and China in the Galwan valley of eastern Ladakh on 5 June 2020 has brought back memories of the Middle Ages. With which this conflict has removed the curtain from Chinese practice in other parts of the world. This kind of bloody conflict has been seen between the two countries after 50 years. In the conflict between the two armies, many soldiers had died due to drowning in the flowing river and falling under steep rocks.

China instigated Indian troops for the conflict: According to the information received by a British expert, this struggle has been called a big bloody struggle since 1967. He said that this struggle ended without any result. Antoin Levesis, a research fellow from South Asia at the UK-based International Institute of Strategic Studies (IISS), discussed the conflict between the two armies in detail. He said that from the evidence that has emerged, including on the Indian side, it has been proved that China has provoked Indian soldiers for this conflict. China is acting as a catalyst.

He said China was fully prepared for this conflict. It has become a part of their thoughtful strategy. The expert said that from 9 to 16 June, China had deployed 200 vehicles in Galwan Valley. He questioned that if the intention was correct then why were so many vehicles deployed in Galwan valley. China manipulated Indian troops for this conflict after building a strong position of troops in the Galwan Valley. Levesis said Beijing is solely responsible for this conflict.

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