Terror group Babbar Khalsa helping ISI; India prepare for the terror attack
Terror group Babbar Khalsa helping ISI; India prepare for the terror attack

London: As reported by intelligence agencies, the pro-Khalistani terror outfit Babbar Khalsa International (BKI) has been in Britain to spread its network. The BKI strengthened its network in several areas of Birmingham, Derby and Coventry, Britain. Pakistan is funding the ISI and has been involved in strengthening the Khalistani support and its associated terror network in many countries of the world, including Britain.

Indian agencies suspect that the BKI has been able to increase its presence even in several UK religious places to target Punjab once again. To be seen, the BCI has been continuously funding the Pakistani agency ISI.

There are a large number of Indian people living in the UK and a great majority of them are from Punjab, with the help of the ISI BCI, the These is engaged in a conspiracy to create a grip among the people, thereby adding some of the logos to its composition by brainwash and India To carry out terror attacks.

According to an official with the Home Ministry, Pakistan's ISI has been involved in anti-India activities in the UK for a long time and has played a role behind many protests against India. Pakistan has consistently been engaged in empowering Khalistani support against India.

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