Tesla can launch its electric truck by 26th October
Tesla can launch its electric truck by 26th October

The well-known company Tesla is scheduled to announce the launch of the electric semi truck on October 26. The company will provide information about this in Hathorn, California. The company was supposed to announce the same in September but it has been postponed.

Information about the new date was received from the Twitter account. The CEO of the company told in April through Twitter about it. It was again posted in a blog in July that a huge permanent energy ecosystem was being built.

The Tesla company is working on a roadmap of a truck which will run 40 km after charging i.e. without gasoline and diesel. It is being said about this new kind of truck can come in front of us in the next month, which will run 320-480 km on a single charge.

Allan Musk, CEO of Tesla says that next month they will be launching it along with the other trucks. They claim that this will enable the company to dominate luxury cars as well as in the market of trucks. At the moment, for the big trucks, it runs up to 1600 km.

In such a case, if the same truck comes with a charging option, then it will actually be a Revolution. However, the Tesla says that they do cannot talk about any new experiment due to the company's policy.

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