Tesla CEO Elon Musk slams UN, warns about population collapse

One of the vast EV maker's company Tesla CEO Elon Musk has criticised the United Nations (UN) once more, claiming that the world has "insufficient people" and that people should be more concerned about population collapse.

Musk expressed his displeasure in his tweet, "The UN's estimates are just rubbish. Simply multiply the number of births from the previous year by the life expectancy. Unless the trend in the birth rate reverses, it is the best case scenario."

Musk stated, "We should be considerably more concerned about population collapse." "There definitely won't be enough for Mars," Musk warned if there aren't enough people on Earth. According to the SpaceX CEO's theory, a 'population bomb' would be triggered in the near future when an increasingly older global population collides with declining birth rates around the world.

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