Army of crabs on Australian streets will blow your senses

Social media is a platform where something shocking comes to light. There are some videos that make anyone think. All of you must have always seen ants roaming together, and it is common for everyone. But have you ever seen crabs paraded together? Maybe not! According to media reports, a strange video has been seen showing a lot of crabs moving together. You must know that every country in the world prepares an army for its own security. Countries focus on most of the water, air and army. Some countries also train animals to form a separate army, and something similar has once again emerged.

A video of Australia roaming the streets is going viral on social media these days. Watching this video, many people have said whether Australia has formed the Army of Crabs. These videos are blowing everyone's senses as well as people can't believe watching this video. The video has now been shared on the social media platform Twitter account. You can also view all the videos on an account called Parks Australia. This video shows a lot of crabs roaming the street.

The video can be seen in the entire street full of huge amounts of red crab. Many people have shared their reactions to the comment section of this video. Many people called it funny, while others called it scary.  Not only that, such a scene is very common in Australia at Christmas time. Crabs migrate here at this time. In that case, they get out in a herd. There are many social media users who have even named these crabs the Red Army.



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